Frijol de soya y leche de soya

The Flavor of Food

Eating to enjoy the flavor of food…

Many people enjoy well-seasoned entrées. I enjoy them too! Add a little salt, pepper and spices… yum!

I also have an appreciation for food. I recently started to re-discover simple flavors. What does a mushroom taste like without seasoning? Does beef taste any different without seasonings? That is why we need to discuss the flavor of food. Let’s bite a mushroom. Where do you feel the flavor? Tip of your tongue? The sides? Focus on your taste buds. Is it a strong taste? I enjoy the earthiness and the texture. No salt, no spices, just the mushroom.

Kale can have a sharp, strong taste. Connect with each bite. Feel the texture. No dressings, no oil, just the kale. How does it make you feel?

Steak with no salt, nothing added. Have you tried that? Enjoy the plainness and bite it slowly. Savor it. Is it chewy? Is it tough? Is it soft? Appreciate the juice with each bite.

I also appreciate seasoning, but there’s something about the fundamental flavor of food that also needs to be valued.

The brain can be very good at adapting and getting used to new tastes; it just takes some time, so if you are used to a lot of salt or other spices, you can decrease gradually.

It’s making a culinary choice to embrace less. Let’s call this mindful eating.

Simplicity helps us go back to basics.